Ableforth's Bathtub Gin PX-Cask-Aged 70cl

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A delicious cask-aged gin which brings notes of sherry grapes and a robust flavour profile to the delicious Bathtub gin

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United Kingdom
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Cask Aged
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Fruity, Sweet


Ableforth's Bathtub Gin PX-Cask-Aged

Since their founding in 2011, Ableforth's have been making drinks that the founders (three friends) would enjoy themselves. They took inspiration from the past, looking at drinks which had robust, fresh - yet unusual flavours. In fact, they just wanted to ensure a "range of really bloody tasty spirits'.

Taking their (already delicious) Bathtub Gin, Ableforths have rested it in PX (Pedro Ximénez) casks for between three and six months. The Pedro Ximénez grape is one used in southern Spain, and has a high sugar content - which makes it famous for sweet sherry. 

This additional process gives Bathtub gin a a whole new dimension to its flavour, adding a degree of sweetness to it.

On the nose this gin brings aromas from the sherry casks. Toffee, cinnamon, ginger, raisin and orange zest all greet you. A note of sherry itself and oakiness from the cask also come through.

On the palate, rich dark fruits come through, joining the flavours of the original bathtub gin. Whilst the casks add a good sherry note, it doesnt overwhelm the gin - rather enhancing it.

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Perfect Serve

For those who enjoy stronger drinks, we would suggest a few cubes of large ice and sipping. However, this is a hearty gin with an ABV just over 50%. For those who enjoy a longer drink, try adding 100ml of Fentimans Connoiseurs Tonic to 50ml of the gin. Lots of ice, and a slice of orange.

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