Bareksten Sloe Gin 70cl

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Full of deliciously fruity flavours, and the classic Bareksten botanicals

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Bareksten Sloe Gin

Produced by Oss Craft Distillery in Norway, Bareksten makes spirits to represent the true essence of Norway. They are dark, wild, breathtaking and dramatic in the look of the bottle, the aromas as you open it, and the taste when you drink it. 

Bareksten takes its inspiration from the Norwegian Forests. The long days of sunlight in the summer, combined with ample rain and warm weather ensure perfect growing conditions for a number of herbs and berries. These Nordic, natural and organic herbs, potatoes and berries form the basis for the unique flavour of Bareksten.

In their latest Sloe gin, Bareksten completes his portfolio of the differing types of gin (having already produced a classic gin, navy strength and old tom). The bottle on this one differs to the rest in the family though as it is clear, allowing the brilliant ruby red colour of the Sloe gin inside to be seen.

Created using a traditional gin juniper based alcohol created with blueberries. The sloe's are then rested in the gin allowing them to add their fruity flavour and vibrant colour.

The aroma is delicious, with the plum like smell of the sloes being particularly prevalent. This is joined with juniper, and a little spice and citrus. The taste is delicious, full of sweet fruit flavours, the traditional Bareksten herbs and juniper. Earthy, warming, really delicious, and with a sweet finish.

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Perfect Serve

Easily enjoyed served neat, but it also works well with prosecco, or in a gin & tonic.

This works particularly well with a citrus tonic, such as Double Dutch Double Lemon Tonic, but if you prefer a true sweet flavour their Indian tonic works perfectly too. Take a large glass filled with ice, and add 50ml of the sloe gin. Stir well and garnish with a slice of lemon.

For a warmer spicier version, try using Ginger Ale instead. 

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