Blacks Irish Whiskey Tropical IPA Cask 70cl

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Rich Irish grains combine with tropical fruits in this intruiging whiskey from Blacks

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Blacks Irish Whiskey Tropical IPA Cask

Located on the Wild Atlantic Way (a scenic route in the south of Ireland), The Blacks Brewery was started in 2013. A family run company, it is owned and operated by Sam & Maudeline Black (hence the name!).

Their ethos was to create (initially) beers which weren't mass market. They wanted products with passion and personality. In 2015 they decided to expand and added a state-of-the-art distillery which allowed them to produce spirits as well. Their first was gin, which was followed in 2018 with the first Irish Rum, and then in 2020 with whiskey.

This cross-over also allow them to age their beers in spirit barrels, and vice versa - adding additional depths of flavour to their drinks.

Blacks' whiskies are distilled in two copper stills, Morrigan and Bonny. They then mature the whiskies in a variety of different cask types depending on the finished whisky. They do all their own milling, mashing, fermenting and distilling themselves - which ensures the quality they expect from the final products.

To create their Tropical IPA Cask edition, Blacks took an 8 Year Old Single Grain Irish Whiskey and allowed it to rest in a cask which previously held their Totally Tropical IPA (Blacks are a brewery as well as a distillery). Their Totally Tropical IPA is an IPA with a twist! It brings mango & pineapple for a totally tropical taste. 

Combining the Irish Whiskey with the Tropical IPA cask gives a unique combination of rich Irish grains, and exotic fruits.

The aroma initially brings sweet bursts of pineapple, mango and passionfruit. Hints of wood and spice also come through.

On the palate this is exceptionally smooth, again with the tropical flavours instantly greeting the mouth. Spice develops as the drink warms, and leads into a medium finish. This brings flavours of passionfruit, wood and warm vanilla.

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We recommend this is enjoyed straight up. However, as with all whiskey, enjoy however you like!

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