Heidell Navy Strength Gin 50cl

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The big brother of the Heidell Gin Family. A true handcrafted gin combining a traditional taste with the aroma of a stormy sea.

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Heidell Navy Strength Gin

Whilst Heidell Gin is a relative newcomer to the gin world, their signature gin has already won a Silver award from the London Spirits Competition.

As with its little brother, their Navy Strength is also produced in Naantali, a town located in the Finnish Archipelago - the South West of Finland (west of Helsinki). They utilise as many local ingredients as they can, crystal clear Finnish water, a Dutch still and take inspiration from the Sea - doubly important in a Navy Strength edition.

With their Master Distiller being a retired Naval Officer, it should come as no surprise that they would launch a Navy Strength gin. This is the big brother of Heidell Gin, a true handcrafted gin which combines a traditional gin taste - but powered up.... with the aroma and taste of a stormy sea.

The aroma is of a classic gin, right from the start with a stronger punch. The notes of juniper and a defined aroma of the sea. On the palate the juniper is pervalent through the drink, giving a delicious dryness. Whilst citrus is present, due to the higher alcohol content its more in the background - and the spice notes come through stronger here.

A definite refined and contemporary Finnish Navy Strength gin.

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Perfect Serve

We loved this in a super powered Gin & Tonic, with Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic. Take a large glass and add a single large cube of ice. Add 50ml of gin, and gently pour over 150 - 200ml of the tonic. Stir gently and garnish with a slice of lemon.

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