Kalevala London Dry Gin 50cl

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With a full juniper taste, this is a modern gin which is true to tradition

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Kalevala London Dry Gin

As a family-owned small distillery in Easternmost Finland, Kalevala are proud to be independent and able to do things the way they should be done, with love and care.

Working in this way, they have stayed true to tradition. Their Kalevela London Dry gin is slightly sweet, with a spicy and full piney juniper taste. The finish has a pleasantly fiery note of ginger to it.

If you're not a fan of strong juniper forward gin's, then this one isn't for you!

The botanicals in this gin are all organically certified and whilst the full recipe is secret, some of these are Juniper, Mint, Raspberry leaf, Rosemary, Rose buds and Jerusalem Artichoke.

The aromas from the botanicals some are macerated in alcohol before the distillation takes place. Other botanicals, which are more delicate (such as the raspberry leaves), are placed in the upper part of the still so that they can have their essence extracted by the rising alcohol vapours and the aroma passed on without damaging the flavours.

In both flavour and aroma, this is a classic gin. The original Kalevala Gin, an ode to Juniper.

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Perfect Serve

This works perfectly with a neutral tonic, such as The Artisan Drinks Co. London Tonic. Take a large glass filled with ice and add 50ml of the gin. Pour over 150 - 200ml of your chosen tonic, stir gently and garnish with a sprig of mint.

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