Malfy Con Limone Gin 1L

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Refreshingly crisp and zingy, the taste of Amalfi lemons in a glass

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Malfy Con Limone Gin

"Quello con il limone" - The one with the Lemon

The Alamfi Coast. Nowhere else encapsulates the spirit of Italy quite so well. Sun soaked, stylish, life moves at its own pace here. It is this lifestyle " La Dolce Via" (the sweet life) that inspired Malfy Gin. 

The delistillery where Malfy Originale Gin is produced is situated in Moncalieri, just outside Torino. This area is famed for its production of fine wines and spirits.

It's said that avid climbers Carlo Vergnano and Beppe Ronco (the distillers behind Malfy Gin) were inspired during a climb to the top of Monviso (which can be seen from the distillery). There they saw wild juniper, pure water, and amazing colours of nature and lakes.

Amalfi is known not just for its amazing natural beauty, but also for its delicious sun-ripened lemons.

This gin marries the finest Italian coastal lemons with the family's unique gin recipe to create a one-of-a kind spirit. It's distilled with classic Italian Juniper and Sfusato lemon peels from the Amalfi Coast.

It has juniper and zesty citrus on the nose. The taste is full of lemon zing with a complex flavour of aniseed, citrus and coriander. Deliciously refreshing!

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Perfect Serve

This gin works exceptionally well with The Artisan Drinks Co Classic London Tonic. The tonic is crisp, clear, and also has citrus undertones so they compliment each other really well. Serve 50ml of the gin with 200ml of the tonic in a copa glass over plenty of ice. Garnish (of course) with a slice of lemon.

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