Peachtree Peach Liqueur 70cl Cadeaupakket

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This is a deliciously refreshing, sweet liqueur full of ripe peach flavours

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Peachtree Peach Liqueur Gift Pack

This gift pack, containing a full bottle of the delicious Peachtree Peach liqueur, is perfect for those who love a sweet, fruity and refreshing drink. The pack also includes a Peachtree branded glass to enjoy it in.

This pack contains:

1 x Peachtree Peach Liqueur 70cl

1 x Peachtree Glass

1 x Giftbox

Peachtree Peach Liqueur

Known today as the best selling peach liqueur in the world, the history of this deliciously light and refreshing drink goes back to the early 1980's in Georgia, USA.

Earl LaRoe (a flavour scientist working for National Distillers - the US partner of De Kuyper) was asked to develop a drink which was lighter, sweeter and lower in alcohol product. It was the peach trees in his garden which gave him his inspiration - and in conjunction with the then master distiller in Schiedam, developed the drink.

Launched in 1984 it because an immediate success - selling 13 million bottles within ten months of its launch. Today it's sold all over the world, and interesting - Japan is the largest market!

The drink itself is perfectly clear, and is packed full of tree-ripened peach flavours. Sweet and fruity, its easy to see why this is the number one selling peach liqueur in the world! 

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Perfect Serve

With its distinct, sweet and fruity flavour (as well as being lighter on the alcohol) - this is delicious in a cocktail, with lemonade or sparkling wine - or indeed however you want to enjoy it!

How about a Sex on the Beach Cocktail? Take a large glass and fill with ice. Pour over 40ml of Peachtree, 40ml of Orange Juice, 20ml of Vodka (we like Absolut), and 20ml of Cranberry Juice. Stir gently and garnish with a slice of orange and maybe even a cocktail cherry.

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