Sipsmith London Dry Gin 1L

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The gin that started the craft gin revolution, a quintessential (and delicious) London Dry gin.

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United Kingdom
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London Dry
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Sipsmith London Dry Gin

With this gin, Sipsmith have created the quintessential expression of a classic. A traditional London Dry Gin.

It was born out of a desire to see gin production return to the city where it earned its name. Using traditional hand crafted production, the gin combines traditional copper pot distillation with a recipe that wouldn't be unfamilier to an eighteenth century distiller.

Sipsmith is classic on the nose, but has distinctive notes too. There is a touch of Orange zest and orange blossom but there is the definite traditional piney juniper and slight hints of angelica root musk and licorice.

In the mouth, the gin unfolds slowly. Juniper, and strong on the pine is what is initially noticed. This is then joined by citrus, with an almost sweet lemon, mandarin on the mid-palate. Latterly it is slightly spicier, with cassia, cinnamon and coriander merging into a vague, gentle pepperiness. Finally ther comes a hint of licorice root rounding out with a return of herbaceous juniper and the slightest hint of bitter orange.

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Perfect Serve

This is definitely a bold gin (and if you're not a fan of juniper, perhaps not one you would enjoy to its fullest). It's complex and aromatic, definitely smooth enough for a Martini, yet rich and balanced which makes it perfect for a gin tonic (g&t).

For a classic gin and tonic, in a tall glass filled with ice, add 50ml of gin and then top-up with The London Essence Classic London Tonic. To garnish, add a wedge, or slice of lime.

For a Bramble Cocktail in a tall glass filled with ice cubes, add 50ml Sipsmith Gin, 10ml of Sugar Syrup, and 20ml of fresh lemon juice. Stir gently to combine all ingredients. Top up the glass with crushed ice, and drizzle 20ml of Sipsmith Sloe Gin (or if you prefer, Creme de mûre) over the top. Garnish with a fresh blackberry and a slice of lemon.

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