V2C Navy Strength Gin 50cl

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Whilst this is a stronger version of their Dutch Dry gin, this Navy strength version has a distinct personality all of its own

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Navy Strength
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Citrus, Spicy


V2C Navy Strength Gin

Inspired by Sail Amsterdam, V2C have created a Navy Strength gin.

Whilst all of the V2C gins use the same, carefully selected base botanicals in their creation, each has its own personality.

Juniper, as it's gin is the first, and this is quickly followed with cardamom, coriander and ginger. This gives V2C its background signature spicy. These are rounded out with angelica root, lemon, orange, liquorice, and bay leaf, which when combined give a spicy gin with a rounded citrus flavour.

For the Navy Strength, less water is added during dilution - resulting in a higher alcohol content than with their Dry Gin. Whilst the botanicals may be the same as the classic dry gin, the Navy Strength has a taste, and character of its own. The higher alcohol content ensures a creaminess in the mouth and packs a flavour punch. 

A spicy drink, which is prevalent on the nose and the flavour, but one which is rounded our by a mid palate hit of citrus which softens into the aftertaste.

Clean and crisp it's a drink that never forgot where it came from. Here's hoping you don't either!

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Perfect Serve

As this has a higher alcohol content it lends itself well to a number of cocktails, but is also easily enjoyed as a stronger gin and tonic.

For their signature serve, pour 50ml of the gin into a copa glass filled with ice. Top up with 150ml of Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic Water, and garnish with a a slice of grapefruit and samphire (if available).

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