Wessex Alfred the Great Gin 70cl

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It's the precise blend of core botanicals which ensure this Wessex Distillery's Alfred the Great gin can be enjoyed without any fuss

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United Kingdom
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London Dry
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Wessex Gin Alfred the Great Gin

A London dry gin, which definitely packs a juniper 'thump' right from the start. However, this soon blends delightfully into enlightening coriander, and citrus end notes.

The Wessex twist to this gin comes from the chervil which makes it quite unique and gives a faintly aniseed flavour to the gin.

Fun fact! In Anglo-saxon times, chervil was believed to aid the constitution and strengthen the stomach. To which we say, if it's fortifying you - then have a small second!

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Perfect Serve

Delicious when served with a neutral tonic such as Three Cents Tonic Water, so as not to overpower the mild chervil flavour. Add lots of ice to a glass and pour in 50ml of the gin and 150ml of the tonic. Stir gently, then squeeze in the juice from a wedge of lime, and garnish with a few mint leaves.

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