Bareksten Illsint Absinthe 50cl

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A delicious blend of Bareksten herbal flavours with traditional anise and wormwood

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Bareksten Illsint Absinthe

Like all the Bareksten drinks, their Absinthe is also produced by Oss Craft Distillery at their distillery in Bergen, Norway.

Bareksten takes its inspiration from the Norwegian Forests. The long days of sunlight in the summer, combined with ample rain and warm weather ensure perfect growing conditions for a number of herbs and berries. These Nordic, natural and organic herbs, potatoes and berries form the basis for the unique flavours of Bareksten.

In their Absinthe they have created an almost eye-watering 60% abv strength drink which has subtle anise and wormwood notes, along with the common Norwegian herbal botanicals common in the Bareksten range.

Interesting fact: A commonly held belief that Absinthe causes hallucinations is entirely false! This untruth was the reason that it was historically banned in a number of countries. Since being proven untrue, it has experienced a resurgence and is agian being enjoyed.

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Perfect Serve

Due to its high alcohol content, this should not be drunk neat! We recommend drinking this in the traditional way. Place 25ml of the absinthe into a glass, and balance a (slotted) spoon over the glass. Place a sugar cube on the spoon and slowly pour chilled water over the sugar cube until disolved. The absinthe will turn white during this process (totally normal!).

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