Cape Fynbos Gin Citrus Edition 50cl

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With a defined citrus aroma and flavour, this is a deliciously refreshing addition to the Cape Fynbos family

Cape Fynbos
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South Africa
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Citrus, Floral


Cape Fynbos Gin Citrus Edition

With their Citrus Edition, they start with the same bouquet of botanicals from the Fynbos family as the classic Cape Fynbos Gin. To bring in additional, refreshing citrus flavours, peels of five different citrus fruit are soaked in pure gin for two weeks before the filtration and subsequent gradual mixing with Franschhoek mountain spring water.

Deep, complex herbal aromas with hints of orange essence, cloves and white pepper, honey and wild fynbos.

The ethos behind Cape Fynbos gin is simple. Sustainable, small batch, and quality.

Distilled four times in copper stills, their unique gin is produced in small batches. Enriched with premium juniper berries and 33 local, sustainably hand-picked botanicals from the group of fynbos vegetation for which the Cape region is world famous. Among them are Wild Dagga, Honeybush, Devil's Claw, Bushman's Ecstacy, Renosterbos, Cancer Bush, African Wormwood and African Potato.

These plants are macerated in the alcoholic base before distillation in order to enable an optimal binding of the herbal aromas. For the citrus edition, the five additional fruit peels are added too. A gradual mixing with pure mountain spring water from the Franschhoek Mountains results in a truly unique gin of the highest quality.

Not only is the content is award-winning, the beautifully designed packaging has also been awarded for outstanding design and makes this product an exceptional gift idea.

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Perfect Serve

We believe the flavours in this gin are a winning combination already, so we recommend a neutral tonic. In a large glass filled with ice cubes add 50ml of the gin, and gently pour over 150ml of tonic. We recommend East Imperial Tonic Water for this one (it has slightly less sugar, and a more neutral base). Garnish with a slice of lemon.

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