Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla Liqueur (Mini) 5cl

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A luxurious, velvety liqueur balancing juicy plum fruit flavours with delicate Madagascan vanilla.

Edinburgh Gin
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United Kingdom
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Fruity, Sweet


Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla Liqueur

With this rich liqueur, Edinburgh Gin have found a perfect pairing in Plums and Vanilla.

Blending perfectly ripe fruit with the warm spice sweetness of vanilla, create a lucious and easily enjoyed liqueur. They select the season's ripest Scottish plums, and macerate together with the finest Madagascan vanilla. This rich liquid is then infused with their classic Edinburgh Gin.

The aroma is rich, full of sweet fruitiness and a hint of almond. The flavours are also rich, with bright plum flavours, merged perfectly with the vanilla which leaves a luscious mouthfeel. The finish allows both the vanilla and fruit to linger on the palate.

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Perfect Serve

Serve simply over ice, and enjoy slowly - or try as a longer drink mixed with Fever-Tree soda water or lemonade. To awaken the drink a little more, try with Fever-Tree Bitter Lemon, where the zesty lemon compliments and balances the rich sweetness in the liqueur. For any of these, mix 50ml of the liqueur and 150ml of your chosen mixer over ice. 

If you like bubbles, it also works perfectly with Prosecco. 50ml of the liqueur in a flute glass, and fill with the Prosecco (or other sparkling wine).

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