Grant's Triple Wood Whisky 1L

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Resting in three different wood barrels (triple wood), gives this whisky is unique flavour

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Grant's Triple Wood Whisky

It was in 1887 that William Grant opened his distillery, and it was very much a family affair.... he was helped by his seven sons and two daughters. In fact, to this day, (six generations from when it started), Grant's is still family owned, and stays true to the founders original (and closely guarded) recipe.

Three's play a big part in Grant's Whisky, from the three sided bottle, to their three ingredients' of Scottish water, Air and Barley. However it's their Triple Wood, held in their name and process which makes them quite different. They mature their whisky in three different types of barrels; Virgin Oak (providing a robust spiciness), American Oak (giving a smooth vanilla flavour) and Bourbon refill (which gives a brown sugar sweetness, and a smooth mellow taste). Once matured, these are blended to give the Grant's Triple Wood Whisky which is known and loved the world over.

On the nose this is a whisky with a complex aroma, blending ripe pear and delicious summer fruits. On the palate this has a vanilla sweetness, which is perfectly balanced with notes of malt, and light florals. The finish is pleasantly long, with a balanced palate of sweet and smoky.

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Perfect Serve

This works exceptionally well when balanced with a twist of orang peel. This can be enjoyed simply over ice, with 50ml of whisky, plenty of ice and the orange peel, or with cola. Take a highball glass filled with ice, add 50ml of whisky, and fill the glass with 150ml of cola. Again, garnish with a twist of orang peel.

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