Thomas Henry Tonic Water 750ml

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A refreshing taste experience with delicate citrus notes, this tonic is a perfect pairing for gin

Thomas Henry
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Thomas Henry Tonic Water

This is a real classic tonic, due to its balance, fine scent, and perfect perlage.

It has a mild yet powerful character which hides its secret well: tonic water was first invented as a medicine against malaria in the tropical colonies. This was due to the need to quinine to compat malaria.

Thomas Henry has a relatively high quinine content compared to other tonics. The cinchona bark's bitterness is perfectly balanced by the almost floral fruity-sweet aromas of the citrus fruit. 

Today, Thomas Henry Tonic Water is at home in the best bars in the world, not only refining Gin & Tonics, but many other classic drinks as well.

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Perfect Serve

Thomas Henry Tonic Water is a refreshing taste experience and due to its slight notes of citrus perfectly pairs with almost every gin.

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