Panda Gin 70cl

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Experience the exotic allure of Panda Gin 70cl, a unique blend of botanicals creating a refreshing and distinctively smooth gin.

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Panda Gin: A Journey of Exotic Flavours


Embark on an extraordinary flavour journey with Panda Gin, a premium spirit that is as unique as it is delightful. Crafted in Belgium, this 70cl bottle of Panda Gin combines rare botanicals, including lychee, cherry blossom, and basil, to create a refreshing and sophisticated gin experience. Perfect for those seeking a gin that stands out from the crowd.

Exquisite Botanical Fusion

Panda Gin is a testament to the art of blending unique flavours. Its distinctive botanicals, including the exotic lychee and the delicate cherry blossom, are carefully balanced with traditional gin ingredients like juniper and coriander. This creates a harmonious blend that is both innovative and pleasing to the palate.

Sustainably Crafted

True to its name, Panda Gin is dedicated to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Made with organic ingredients and produced in an eco-conscious manner, this gin is not only a choice for quality but also for the environmentally aware consumer. Enjoy a gin that's as good for the planet as it is for your taste buds.

A Modern Twist on Classic Gin

Panda Gin redefines the classic gin experience with its modern twist. Its unique combination of botanicals offers a refreshing change to traditional gin, making it perfect for contemporary cocktails or enjoying neat. It's a gin that adds flair and creativity to any occasion.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Fragrant with notes of lychee, cherry blossom, and a hint of basil.

Taste: Crisp and refreshing with a delicate balance of sweet and herbal notes.

Finish: Smooth and clean with a pleasantly lingering botanical essence.

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Perfecte Serve

Enjoy Panda Gin in a classic Gin & Tonic with a twist. Mix 50ml of Panda Gin with 150ml of premium tonic water in a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of cucumber or a sprig of basil for an extra refreshing experience.


What makes Panda Gin unique?

Answer: Its blend of exotic botanicals like lychee and cherry blossom, along with its commitment to sustainability, sets it apart from other gins.

How should I store Panda Gin?

Answer: Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve its unique flavours.

Can Panda Gin be used in cocktails?

Answer: Absolutely, its distinctive flavour profile makes it perfect for innovative and classic cocktails alike.

Is Panda Gin suitable for gin beginners?

Answer: Yes, its smooth and approachable taste makes it a great choice for those new to gin.

Can Panda Gin be a gift?

Answer: Definitely, its unique character and elegant bottle make it a thoughtful gift for gin enthusiasts.

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