Four Pillars Modern Australian Gin 70cl

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A contemporary, Asian-inspired gin with a soft spiciness

Four Pillars
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Four Pillars Modern Australian Gin

Originally an exclusive collaboration between Four Pillars, QANTAS (the Australian flag carrier airline), and a dining group. It was only found in high-end restaurants and airport lounges, and proved exceptionally popular. The secret gin didn't stay secret long, and has now been brought to a wider audience.

This is Asian inspired, and created with native botanicals. It's bright and dry - definitely a contemporary classic gin.

As a classic gin, there is a strong note of piney juniper, both in the aroma and on the palate (if you're not a fan of juniper led gins, this won't be one for you!).

Red and green Szechuan peppers (this takes into account the influence Chinese immigration and food has had on modern australia) give it a warm mouthfeel, whilst macadamia nuts add softness and an almost creamy palate. Fresh apples, ginger and grapefruit peel, along with dry native quandong, help to give the gin a fruity feel and lift the flavours on the palate.

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Perfect Serve

This works well in the mix, but we'd strongly suggest enjoying a modern australian gin & tonic first. Take a rocks glass and add a few ice cubes. Pour in 50ml of gin, and 100ml of your chosen tonic (we like Double Dutch Indian Tonic with this one). Stir gently and garnish simply with a single slice of lemon

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